Julian’s ode to a disappearing New York. Here’s one we’ve been sitting on while the musical quotations got cleared. So pleased to post it now that the album is about to drop.

More toasty shots from Julian Velard’s show at Big Wrench. With Ryan Bull, Jon Cornell and Bill Campbell, with Brian and Betty hosting. And a baby.

Something warm for this snow day - shots from last month’s Julian Velard concert at Big Wrench Piano Care. 


After a marathon session with no out takes, in an 80-degree shop, Julian closed out the day by cranking things up and nailing this rendition of his song Joni.

Julian rounded out his terrific set on a sweet Wurlitzer 140B. The first one is this beautiful and personal song

Jimmy Young

Then he turns on a dime and rolls right into a perfect rendition of his number Joni, coming soon.


More player piano supplementals coming soon, including special guest foot-pumping cameos.

Oh the horror! Do you know what’s scary about this tombstone?

Oh the horror! Do you know what’s scary about this tombstone?

Brooklyn Kind of Love

Seriously, who writes songs like this anymore? The well-worn 112 makes for a perfect compliment to Julian’s song about a particular kind of love.


I Don’t Know How To Drive

Who needs a car when you’ve got two feet and live in NYC? This take is on a wonky all-tube Wurlitzer 112 from 1956. 

Julian switched from acoustic grand to a perfectly restored Fender Rhodes with just the right amount of bite for a rendition of his song

Everybody Wants To Be Famous